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Soil amendments

The term soil amendment refers to any material mixed into the soil to improve soil quality in terms of it's structure and acidity. These elements can be fertilizers, but it is not the primary purpose of their use.

Here are the different soil amendments available at OJ:

Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments

1-14-36 Correction

Granular fertilizer for P and K amendment.
regular size prill

Dolomitic Limestone

A liming material to neutralize soil acidity while adding calcium and magnesium.
Mini and regular particle size.

Epsom salt

A granular fertilizer to increase soilmagnesium levels for greens andtees.
Mini particle size.


Granular calcium sulfate of high quality.


Calcium and sulfur amendment with beneficial Mycorrhizae.

Mini particle size


Magnesium and calcium amendment with beneficial Mycorrhizae.

Mini particle size

Profile Emerald

Calcined, non-swelling illite and non-crystalline opal CT mineral.

Profile PPC natural


Thatch-X 4-2-2

Granular turf supplement

Topdressing sands
Turface MVP

Conditions soil to relieve compaction and manage moisture across sports fields.

Turface Pro League

Turface® Pro League® is the market’s only patented calcined clay infield soil conditioner

Turface QuickDry

Apply QuickDry to wet areas or puddles, let the product begin to absorb the moisture, and rake the area to return to play time and time again