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About OJ Company

Otto Jangl

It’s in the memory of Otto Jangl, our founding father, that the next generation continues its long love story…devoted to be green!

In 1950, with his agronomist’s degree in his pocket, Otto Jangl left his native Czechoslovakia to settle in the quiet community of Sherrington, Quebec. His love for all things green and his entrepreneurial flair, led him to start a modest seed-selling business. The rest, as they say, is history. From these humble beginnings, OJ Company rapidly became the leader in the field of supplying golf courses, municipalities and landscapers with the equipment and seeds they needed, from Eastern Ontario to the four corners of Quebec and all points in between.

Regardless of the field of endeavor or the size of the company, the void left by a man of Otto Jangl’s stature is not easily filled. So, to ensure our customers the smooth and seamless continuity required for the conduct of their business, a whole team rose to the challenge of shouldering our founder’s responsibilities. Their mission : to offer our clients the same level of service and expertise they deserve and to which they are accustomed to, as well as maintaining the close-knit relationships that have allowed us to know their specific needs and problems inside and out.

It’s this kind of thinking that made us what we are today and that got Mr. Jangl named lifetime member of the Quebec Order of Agronomists. It’s a mindset that also guarantees the new team’s success since it’s a part of who they are as people, hard-working people with your best interests in mind.